One Year Later…….

One year ago today was the Grand Opening of the new location of Bullpen Garage. It has been a very interesting year – stayed pretty busy up until the last two months but I remain optimistic. Now its customary to hold a 1 Year Anniversary shindig, however with the weather and the extreme heat I decided that it would be best for all parties involved not to do so (at this time). Stay tuned though, because when the cooler weather starts I hope to hold several Meet & Greets/Open Houses with various groups and clubs around town!

Thanks to everyone who has been a customer and has been patient with the one man show. I continue to learn and strive to make your experience at my shop better and more enjoyable than the last. And to the new customers who are thinking about Bullpen Garage as an option for their needs – feel free to call and shoot the bull or swing by the shop and check it out.

Jon R., Owner
Bullpen Garage
18 E Ventura St.
Tucson, AZ 85705