Message from the Owner

I want to speak my mind a little bit about why I wanted to open up this business. First off, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I spent my entire life playing baseball. After a successful career in the Major Leagues, I have decided to turn my attention to my other love. Automobiles. But not just any cars and trucks. Specifically anything 4×4. I’ve always had a truck. They always seemed like a necessity. And I have always turned my own wrenches on them, whether it be stereo work, or changing headlight bulbs to full on suspension builds, bumpers and custom LED lighting.

That brings me to what led me to open my own shop. I have dealt with countless companies, different shops etc.. After all my dealings, I have found out two things about the industry from a customer’s standpoint. First, most shops are interested in one thing – making money – at the customer’s expense. They get vehicles in and out as quick as possible in order to maximize profit. They push particular products while claiming not to offer other brands because its what they may have, but not what the customer wants. While they do make more money – quality of work and customer relations suffer. In the end the shop ends up spending more time and money to fix their errors and are left with a disgruntled customer, which brings me to my second point. Most customers in that bad situation have to go to the same shop should they want anything done in the future, regardless of what has happened previously. Then the shop will hold the previous experience against the customer and tension increases………………. It just results in one big bad messy experience that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. That’s where I hope my shop comes in.

Bullpen Garage is going to attempt a completely different concept, which in actuality isn’t that new. A customer driven business. A place where customers can come and feel welcome as soon as they get there. A shop where they feel that they can hang out and learn about their vehicles and the parts that are getting installed. Bullpen Garage will not be a shop that pushes particular product lines on customers. Most people shopping for aftermarket accessories pretty much know exactly what they want. There are so many products available for all the makes and models that you have to research like crazy before you want to order something, But if you’re someone who hasn’t spent a whole lot of time on finding what might suit you best, I can provide plenty of options for you to review and ultimately come to a decision that you think is best for your needs and wants.

When it comes to working on your vehicle, I charge $90/hour for installation and $75/hour if you are military or LEO. Competitive across the board. If a job is quoted as a 6 hour job, and I take 8 hours, you pay for the quoted 6 and nothing more. However, if  you’re quoted for a 6 hour job and it takes me 4, you’ll pay for 4. Why pay for something I didn’t do? The only thing I ask is that customers are patient with me and my schedule. I am the only one at the shop – and have set my hours up so I can pick up my kids from school, make it to soccer and basketball practice and spend time with my family on the weekends. If the need arises to meet up after the normal hours, a simple phone call to schedule an appointment is all that is needed.

So come down and check out the shop. Its not much to look at, and I don’t have that much inventory. Over time those things will change. But my approach never will.

All the best,

Jon R