RMHC Toy and Supply Drive!!!

Going back to my roots, Bullpen Garage is partnering up with the Ronald McDonald House of Southern Arizona with the help of Tucson Jeeps and DM Military Jeepers in order to provide toys and supplies for the families that stay at the RMH during their medical treatment(s). The house is always in need of supplies that are used daily, and since we are getting into the holiday season, I am hoping to provide some toys for the children that spend their days around doctors and offices as well as their brothers and sisters. I will provide a couple wish lists that the RMH has provided for the things they need/want the most. I know that this is a tough time of the year for people to spare time and money, but it is the season of giving. Ideally, i would like for people to pick at least one item from each of the lists. However, I understand that this will not be possible for everyone, so anything that you can do will be greatly appreciated. The plan is for everyone meet at Bullpen Garage on Dec. 10th, 2016 at 12:00 PM, fill up Jeeps with all the goodies and then caravan over to the house, leaving BPG at 12:45 PM. I’d like to pack all the toys in supplies in as few Jeeps as possible due to limited space at the RMH, but there is plenty of space in some of the surrounding dirt lots to park for everyone to bring their Jeeps and show them off. Feel free to decorate your Jeeps as well, as I hope that some of the kids can come out and see all the Jeeps. If you would like to purchase something and drop it off at Bullpen Garage, that is more than welcome. Thanks! Jon Rauch, Owner, Bullpen Garage

2016-holiday-wish-list-10-18-16rmhbpgflyer2 wish-list-2016-v1