Long time, no info

I haven’t posted in a while – months actually.  So here is what is new at BPG.  Not much.  Still applying the same train of thought and work ethic to every build and trying to maintain an elite level of customer service.  But a few things have changed.  I no longer reply to any inquiries that come to my personal phone, email or social media pages.  I have multiple avenues for people to contact me for business related questions.  On a good note, business is increasing and I am having to schedule people farther out.  Please understand that I am a one man shop, and can only work on one vehicle at a time, which allows me to keep my focus on one job, and not spread it over multiple vehicles.

I also completed and delivered a build for a Airman who was deployed, with almost all the product and all of the time spent on the company’s dime – which means my dime – as I personally fund my business.  The outpouring of support was incredible, considering that a lot of it was done behind the scenes.  I do not go out looking for notoriety or accolades for doing good things for good people.

And that brings me to the last point I want to make – I cannot thank my client base enough for supporting my shop, referring business and going all over town with my shop logo on their vehicles. I do not advertise – all my clients come through social media exposure and word of mouth.  I thank you all, and encourage those who are not customers to come down and check out the shop.  It may be a mess – but in reality that’s a good thing.  Means I am too busy to clean!!  (although the running joke at the shop regards my inability to put my tools away)


Thanks again,

Jon R., Owner


PS:  Sam Adams and Mic Ultra are on tap………